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Jesteśmy uzbrojeni  w ogrom wiedzy  i doświadczenie w produkcji kontenerów . Cubox może zapewnić realizacje pod klucz każdego rodzaju projektu kontenerowego ,zarówno mobilnego punktu handlowego jak i  projektu promocyjno-marketingowego. Możemy także współpracować z Państwa zespołem i  wspierać proces koncepcyjny  tworząc wspólnie alne pomysły sprzedażowe oraz promocyjno-marketingowe.


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Meble takie jak sofy, bar, stoły, krzesła, dywany, sprzęt gastronomiczny spersonalizujemy przestrzeń zgodnie z oczekiwaniami klienta


Dostosujemy wygląd do potrzeb marki ,zarówno wewnątrz jak i na zewnątrz

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Od ciężarówki na drodze do osoby technicznej na miejscu zadbamy o każdy aspekt transportu i logistyki

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Przy każdym transporcie ,ponownym montażu oferujemy swoje wsparcie


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Na zlecenie firmy NIVEA POLSKA Sp. z o.o. wykonano kontenerowe salki spotkań w raz z towarzyszącą infrastrukturą , w skład których wchodzą dwa moduły budynków o wymiarach 5,0 x 5,0 m oraz taras z drewna egzotycznego. Zlecone prace wykonano terminowo, z najwyższą dbałością o staranność ich wykonania .



„How to Run a Wii ISO on Homebrew
In 2006, Nintendo Introduced the Wii game romshub console.
Almost immediately, users trying to get the absolute most from their systems began to modify them to suit their demands. Wii alterations make it possible for users to watch films, play emulation applications and run backups of games, all in their own consoles. For users wishing to play backups of matches in their collections, conducting a Wii ISO at the Homebrew Channel is a very simple means to do this and requires just a few actions.

Open your Web browser and navigate into your WBSF Manger homepage (link given in the resources section below). Click the download link to begin downloading the file. This application will allow you to incorporate Wii ISOs for a USB storage device. When the download completes, double click on the file icon to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.

Plug your USB storage device into one of those USB ports in your PC. When your driveway loads, pick it from the drop-down menu at the application window. If you haven’t already flashed your device, click the””Format”” button to manually format the drive to be read by your Wii console. Formatting a USB storage device will delete whatever on it and ensure it is unreadable on anything but your Wii system. Allow a few minutes for this process to complete.

Click the””Browse”” button from the program menu. Find the Wii ISO document that you want to grow your USB storage device and then click the””Open”” button. Repeat this step for any other Wii ISOs that you wish to place in your USB storage device. When you have selected all of the ISOs that you wish to add, click the””Add to Drive”” button. Allow a few minutes for this process to finish.

Eject the USB storage device from your computer.

Turn your Wii program on and open the Homebrew Channel. Run the””USB Loader”” program from the Homebrew menu. Use your Wii Remote to select the game you would like to play and press on the””A”” button to load the game from the USB storage device.”

Pokemon Platinum Games

GamePro's McKinley Noble gives Pokemon Platinum 4.5 out of 5 stars, describing the name is more of an enhanced version of the last two Pokemon releases than it is a Complete sequel." Pokemon Platinum Card isn't really a sequel, but much like a director's cut," he states. Pokemon Platinum download on Roms-download.

"Fundamentally," Noble continues,"the more you like Pokemon, the more inclined you will savor and revel in Platinum's little, but various differences from Diamond & Pearl. Luckily, there's enough fresh content that I can say Platinum Card 's certainly worth a look, even if you've already filled out a Pokedex in every game up until this one"

Unlike previous advancement titles in the series, Pokemon Platinum features a full graphical makeover. "To get a pseudo-sequel,  Platinum Card boasts an impressive amount of new things to see — over most Pokemon fans might be awaiting this match," Noble praises. "Everything from Platinum Card , by the environments and audio to the animations of battle sprites has been changed, and it should be evident even to the average player the world looks and feels different."

The end result is an experience that feels less like a retread than it otherwise could. "It's already a relief that the hundreds and tens of thousands of Pokemon struggles in Platinum Card possess some variety to them, but I also didn't anticipate numerous cities and dungeons to get a full graphical and structural augmentation," Noble says. "Game Freak's development group obviously spent a lot of time refining several levels in the sport, plus they sometimes just outright revived the layout of whole phases in the game in which they simply could have been idle and copied Diamond & Pearl."

Noble warns that casual series fans might not find the developments to be worth another playthrough, however. "Yes, Pokemon Platinum Card is the exact same great game as Diamond & Pearl, with lots of major adjustments and minor tweaks for hardcore fans of the series, but even the creative and addictive gameplay might not be enough for more casual DS players to go into the world of Sinnoh another time." He warns. "Still, if you like your Pokemons, prepare for an improvement on near-perfection."

Robert Workman at GameDaily speeds Pokemon Platinum at 8 out of 10. "The match is similar to the past two Pokemon DS adventures, as you scour the Sinnoh area, capturing dozens of Pokemon while doing battle with rival trainers and members of this dreaded Team Galactic," he starts. "There are a couple additions, but that make this game worth the buy."

Pokemon Platinum introduces another gameplay world and includes a darker storyline all around. "A gateway into another world, the Distortion World, has pretty much slammed into the city, bringing with it a peculiar new legendary Pokemon, a half-Ghost/half-Dragon breed called the Giratina."

"It seems super-dramatic," Workman continues,"however Pokemon Platinum remains the course it's known for. You still engage in many of conflicts, picking out the right Pokemon for the task to counter enemy Pokemon. If you do not have the best one available, not to worry. Sinnoh is bombarded with a variety of kinds of Pokemon, so you are bound to stumble across the right one to catch with your trusty Pokeball."

Workman praises Pokemon Platinum Card 's new multiplayer features, a few of that return from previous Pokemon titles. "Wi-Fi also plays a massive part with all the Fight Recorder, a returning feature from the preceding Emerald game," he explains. "Here, you record your Pokemon conflicts and upload them for other people to see or you can download another participant's video. It is intriguing to watch other Pokemon trainers in conflict, getting an idea for their tactics and possibly even adapting them for your own. 

"Yeah, Pokemon Platinum Card could have undergone a few more visual upgrades beyond the weirdly-designed Distortion Town," Workman admits. "And sure, the gameplay has not changed enough. But Pokemon Platinum Card delivers a single-player quest that lasts dozens of hoursand the Wi-Fi supported alternatives, limited by Friend Codes as they might be, are still welcome."

At Games Radar, Carolyn Gudmundson provides Pokemon Platinum Card a rating of 8 out of 10. "It is a cycle nearly as old as time itself: Nintendo releases two somewhat various Pokemon matches, and then a year or so after a third version comes out which compiles the few differences between both and renders them equally obsolete," she starts. "Aside from a few more accessible Pokemon this time round, there are an array of little changes throughout, including aesthetic changes, narrative changes and a few small gameplay changes."

In general, however, Gudmundson discovers that lots of Platinum Card 's improvements thing small in the context of drama. "Many small things have been'freshened up' at Platinum," she writes,"but there aren't any important changes or enhancements – it is really Diamond and Pearl again, dusted off, sprayed with some air freshener, and repackaged. Or possibly Diamond and Pearl: The Remix are a better description."

Gudmundson feels that Platinum Card 's new minigames lack endurance. "Apart from the accessible Pokemon, the biggest notable addition is also the most unsatisfactory – the new Wi-Fi Plaza, featuring three completely mindless minigames," she says. "Every game supports up to four random players from around the world, but none will hold your interest for long – they're all about as basic as casual as it gets and do not actually appear to fit in to the general plot of a Pokemon match in any way."

"On the other end of the spectrum, another significant addition is the Battle Frontier," Gudmundson continues,"which unites the old Battle Tower from Diamond and Pearl and provides four extra areas each with their own combat parameters. This is the update that hardcore conflict winners will love the most, since it is the closest you will get to an actual battle challenge out of battling with your other hardcore friends or entering a tournament."

"However, after over 10 years, we really expect more from the series at this point. Except for the most shallow of casual gamers, added minigames don't remotely constitute an advancement.

"For fans though, it is almost impossible to resist playing again, and the new Formes are unfortunately just enough to give us the PokeFever all over again"